Gardening Gloves, 2 pairs green Garden Gloves with a Garden Shovel and a Cultivator, Garden Gloves with Claws for…


{Easy Solution for Gardening Work} Our Gardening Gloves can make your gardening work much easier. The gardening gloves with,4 built-in claws in right hand let easy to Dig and Plant Without Hand Tools;They can prevent Broken Fingernails and Bruised Fingertips.
{Washable & Wearable} waterproof and breathable fabric for making this gardening gloves. Give gloves a natural feel, wearing them Comfortable and Breathable, Keep the Hands Cool and Dry Even in Summer. Easy to Wash and Store.
{Universal Size & Fits Most } Universal Size High Quality Latex Coating has Good Ductility, Universal Size fits most Men , Women and Even Older Kids, Offer greater dexterity. Essential Gardening Tools for families.


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